2020 Vision

How many times have you…

  1. Celebrated the dawn of a New Year, filled with determination, motivation and the desire to stick to the resolutions you have set for yourself?
  2. Started well and felt this was the time it was actually going to stick? This was the year!
  3. Slowly but surely felt this determination, motivation and desire slip from your grasp to eventually disappear completely, into a fuzzy haze of poor food choices, missed gym sessions, more sleep, less rest, Sunday night dread, internal anger and increased frustration?

Me too.

It happened most years, well every year I made “resolutions” that is. The main reason I don’t recommend “resolutions” is they fall into the following categories;

1. Too strict

You decide you’re going to go to the gym 6 times a week and eat only chicken and broccoli for the next 6 months to look great on your summer holiday. The problem with immovable goals like that, is that as soon as you miss a session or crave some chips, you feel like a monumental failure. This feeling of failure drives unhelpful, negative emotions, and what are the chances of sticking to a resolution when you feel negative? Zilch.

2. Driven by lack or the desire to move “away” from something

Most resolutions are born from us wanting to change our negative behaviours, lose weight, stop being so lazy, cut the junk food, stop the negative self-talk, etc. The problem with wanting to move away from something is that the drive isn’t consistent but also, it’s like the pink elephant, tell yourself to avoid something and all you’ll do is think about it. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It is far better to aim towards a goal, than away from a behaviour you don’t like. So, wanting to quit junk food could become a goal to provide the best nutrition for your body, to feel energetic and strong, to see your skin improve, your body tone up and your mental clarity increase.

3. Lacking in foresight and contingency

“Best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” or in other words, it’s not always going to go the way you expect it to. Therefore, have a Plan B. Most resolutions are one sentence, like; “I want to lose weight”, it’s great the desire for change is there, but… how? When? Where? What will you do if you can’t get to a gym/class one night or for a few days? What will you do to ensure you don’t slip down the slope of negative emotions and out of your zone? How much weight do you want to lose? By when? What are the core things you’ll do to achieve this goal? Who do you need to help you (even if just by being aware of your goal and being supportive)?

Achieve any and every goal you set for yourself...

Your 2020 Vision has been designed to counteract all of the above. It is a foundational course. I am not promising you the life of your dreams in 6 weeks, what I am promising is that if you can commit to the work in this programme, then you’ll come out of the 6 weeks with a completely different frame of mind. You will approach goals and challenges differently. You will have built a solid foundation to achieve any and every goal you ever set for yourself. You will even achieve a couple along the way!

Emerald Coaching

Create perfect vision for your future...

I say, this is the year you can change. 2020 sounds good doesn’t it? It denotes perfect vision! It represents complete balance. Why not make 2020 the year you balance your life, create perfect vision for your future and build the strength you need to bring all your desires to life?

Emerald Coaching

For the better, for ever...

I have spent hours, days, weeks and months pulling together a 6-week programme to help you do it. My programme will help you create a foundation for success in 2020 and beyond, by creating helpful habits, staying on track with whatever it is you want to achieve, reinforcing your “why” every single day, proving to yourself you can do it and building a solid foundation to carry this on for the rest of your life. I strongly believe in order to succeed the foundation has to be strong, otherwise sooner or later everything will crumble. Do this for yourself now and see everything around you change, for the better, for ever.

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Emerald Coaching

What is it & What is included?

A 6-week programme designed to guide you to create a solid foundation to launch your goals, dreams and achieve the ultimate success you have envisioned for yourself in 2020 and beyond.

Step-by-step I will guide you through a fool-proof process for setting yourself up to achieve anything you could wish for. Whether your goal is in the area of relationships, well-being, career, self-image/self-relationship, focus or sense of purpose, you will end the 6 weeks with confidence and clarity.

Every week you will get an in-person or online session with me, you will receive new workbooks,  affirmations, guided meditations, mindfulness exercises or visualisations. You will also get a bullet Journal to complete throughout Your 2020 Vision journey and a calendar to monitor your daily progress.

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Weekly voice call/video call/in-person session

Bi-weekly accountability emails


Video training

Bullet journal

Guided meditations/mindfulness practices

6 week Calendar with tasks and reminders

42 x Daily affirmations

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